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RFND's most popular line to decentralize the refund procedure away from the point of sale and making the costumer returning to create recurrent revunue is the RFND_series with different possibilities to encapsulate our technology.

  • Specifications
    • Frequence Response: WIFI, Ethernet
    • Self service RFND unit
    • Validation of manual & digital exports
    • 220 Volt
  • Dimensions
    • RFND 8v2: 40”W X 60”H X 20”D
    • RFND 8v3: 80”W X 90”H X 40”D
    • RFND 8v4: 60”W X 135”H X 50”D
  • Shipping Info

    Generally ships between 30 - 45 working days from order confirmation. Orders only confirmed once payment has successfully processed.