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We think that the VAT Export Validation should be much simpler than today creating benefits for states, retailers and endconsumers using our technologies.

  • Culture

    We are a technological leader and highly motivated staff. So our culture is described with mainly one attribute: Agile. We don't think in problems, but in opportunities. Every problem, which is unsolved leads to a potential solution. And its benefit could help our customers to do things in a better way. We are open & eager to learn to become an unprecedented specialist in the VAT market.

  • Benefits

    We offer free coffee & snacks, great offsite activities, competitive Salary and modern Office interiors. For those performing out we even allow flexible working conditions so that creativity can find it's way.

  • Learning

    Continuous Learning is part of our culture. As intelectual properties is our core value proposition we invest in people to reach their personal optimum. Thus satisfaction is quite high in the team.

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