The Perfect Software Framework
for authorities & border control

Minimize overhead cost at border control

Control & Efficiency in Balance

Our Framework provides a solution which makes sure that identity is established and goods are actually exported as declared. Thus leading to transparent and correct VAT declarable amounts known to endconsumers, retailers and authorities.

2x Faster Export

Enable faster export processes allowing endconsumers eligible for VAT reclaim to use their smartphone to declare their goods.

Less Traffic Interventions

Optimized cross border traffic due to less interventions but higher visibility on goods amounts imported

Focused Control

No overhead work like stamping export documents. More time for essential risk aligned controls based on dynamic risk metrics.

Key Features

A vatblock means that all involved parties on a value added tax transaction have the same valid information on the refund amount encoded into a persistent blockchain. Thus leading to a more robust refund mechanism then that of a conventional stamp export process.
  • Efficient VAT export border control
  • Powerful 40.000.000 product identifier technique
  • Covering side cases when leaving VAT zones
  • State-of-the-art export goods mechanism
  • Separated data privacy and security layer
  • Optimized traffic handling in cross border shopping
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Trusted brand by endconsumers & retail

Our company serves millions of transactions in the VAT domain. Now opening the door to stamp-free value added reclaim allowing to improve the process for authorities, endconsumers and the retailers.

I was waiting for such an app
for years now

Consumers like saving vat with refund options. However the process with stamp is outdated.

Great product
from a good company

As a tax director for a major retailer I like that the numbers with electronic vat checkout are always correct.