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To be compliant with law is important. RFND products support manual and digital stamp and safeguard you from massive tax risk

and see how our secure manuel stamp agorithms are working
  • Tax liquidity advantage

    Report the VAT amounts paid out directly to your accounting software and make sure you get the liquidity preference towards the financial authorities. We provide multiple APIs to accounting and repository software, e.g. DATEV.

  • Correct numbers

    While you offer your costumers which a valuable service do not allow this to corrupt your complete VAT declaration. We track every event and minimize thus your frictions.

    Our tax management accounts for that each VAT refund document is traced and evaluated based on our cutting-edge technology.

  • RFND Experience

    Our dashboard shows all relevant details to document why the shopper was exempted from VAT and brings additional security to you compliance and law desk.

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Compliance Architecture

Our framework assess all relevant parameters to determine and archive all relevant details on a transaction. The storage is based on Datacenter, Microsoft Azure and Blockchain Technology. Working together with Authorities we bridge VAT challenges for you.

Double-layered Auditing

Drastically reduce the continuous tax fraud events by filtering Non-refundable items (NRI) before irreversible payout. Lower the wrong numbers based on NRIs by 99,5%. We use different mechanism to reach high auditing accuracy in VAT RFND transactions.

Friendly Support

We are expert and focused on cross-border VAT routines. Our staff as gained deep understanding of what is between compliance and technology. We like to share our expertise and gain your trust. Our technology is highly relevant for all cross-border VAT scenarios.